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Regatta „Jabuka 2019“ is Race  category 3, according to special safety regulations ISAF (ISAF Offshore Special Regulations for Race. Races Category 3).

List of equipment that must be on boat before official registration:

  • Storm mainsail (if the boat does not have a sufficient number of the reefs, min. 2, or roll mainsail) and storm jib if the boat does not have roll jib
  • Stable VHF device
  • VHF mobile device (Motorola) or spare VHF stern antenna cable, ready for immediate use (will be controlled)
  • Manual bilge pump
  • Pyrotechnic signals shall be provided conforming to SOLAS Code, Chapter II, Visual Signals and not older than the stamped expiry date or if no expiry date stamped, not older than 4 years.
  • Lifejackets for all crew members
  • "Lifelines" i.e. safety belts (must be taut to the deck) and safety harness for all crew members
  • Spare wheel steering or auxiliary steering gear
  • Rigging cutter (tool for quickly cutting cables)
  • Lifebuoy with a self-igniting light with floating rope
  • Two solid buckets
  • Spare navigation lights (with batteries)
  • Two waterproof hand-held flashlights with extra batteries
  • Fog horn
  • Compass
  • Anchors (main and spare) together with a suitable combination of chain and rope, all ready for immediate use
  • Taps for Kingston (intake valves)
  • First-aid kit
  • Navigation charts
  • Radar reflector
  • Inboard propulsion engine
  • Fuel for engine (min. for 100 nautical miles)
  • Water (drinking) for all crew members for 2 days
  • Navigation lights
  • Sufficient number of fire extinguishers

Note: If you control sailboat RO finds some irregularities that may affect the safety of navigation, it reserves the right to exclude boat from the race.


Tracking of the race

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Race Commitee Office

Yacht Club Tijat

Obala Matice Hrvatske 16

Vodice, 22211


Tel: +385 (0)98 236 590



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